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Alex Wanstein


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3 Proven Strategies To Building Brand Awareness In 2022

Have you ever wondered what makes a successful marketing campaign? Extensive coverage? Increased audience loyalty? Successful marketing is about getting everyone talking about your brand. But how can such results be achieved? In this article, we share our expertise and explain how brands can significantly increase their awareness and get the necessary reputation points for scale and growth.

We share our experience to give marketers the valuable pieces of the puzzle they need to create a powerful strategy that works and delivers results.

In our material, we will tell you about the five most effective strategies for creating awareness. This material summarizes the best practices that every brand needs to execute today!


Brand Events

How can you attract the attention of a million people to your brand? Just organize an online event! Events organized by brands are especially popular among target audiences.

How to create an event that will be valuable

  1. Determine the social media strategy for your brand's event. YouTube, Twitter, Twitch – use the platform where your primary audience is concentrated.

  2. Prepare an event plan including the main topic and generate a PDF. It can be a Live Stream, Web Panel, Webinar, and much more!

  3. Make a list of partners with an audience who can share impactful insights.

  4. Bloggers are your best friends. Invite the best influencers in your segment and offer them the opportunity to be speakers and attract additional audiences.

  5. Make a content plan that includes promoting the event on all target social media platforms.

  6. Confirm the content plan with influencers, partners, and participants. All participants should promote the event on their social media accounts. More bloggers mean more reach. Use the power of your charm and attract more influencers.

  7. Prepare prizes for the most active participants of the event. It can be merch, discounts on your service, tours, and even Apple iPhones, Macbooks, and so on!

  8. Promote your event through digital marketing channels.

  9. After the event was provided, thank all participants, partners, and bloggers on corporate social media.

  10. Ask bloggers for a short summary of the event, re-emphasizing the strength of your brand.

Perfect! Your brand is in the spotlight. You bring valuable knowledge to this world, invite famous people, and get enormous reach and reputation points that help you to grow your business.

Metaverse Presence

New technologies create new opportunities. With the advent of the metaverse, there is an opportunity for brands to reach new audiences and make a huge buzz.

Metaverses allow brands to create objects and assets with exclusive interactive experiences.

How to create attention to your brand through Metaverses

  1. Choose the metaverse that evokes your ideals. It's important to choose only tier-1 metaverses with a lot of active users, such as Decentraland, Sandbox, or Roblox.

  2. Approve the concept of your brand's building. Only the most daring and creative buildings allow a brand to stand out and show uniqueness in the eyes of its customers.

  3. Create a concept of your Web 3.0 merch. It should complement the appearance of the building and open up opportunities to fully enjoy your presence in the metaverse.

  4. After the buildout is done and the merch design is completed, it's time to transfer it to the real assets in the metaverse. Work with leading contractors to ensure your virtual office and merch completely match the real thing. Quality is key to the success of this campaign.

  5. Invite a metaverse audience to join your office, organize the event, and announce the exclusive giveaway to engage your audience.

  6. Place your assets in the metaverse marketplace. Your assets will be open to everyone who joins the marketplace.

  7. It's time to invite the leading journalists to write press releases and feature articles about your company and its presence in the metaverse. Don't hesitate to provide exclusive comments on the industry topics to leading journalists who will magnify the reach of your voice.

  8. Invite influencers to make featured videos or tweets regarding your exclusive presence in the metaverse.

  9. Be active! Talk with everyone who takes an interest in your metaverse office. Prove to everyone that your brand doesn't just keep up with trends; it creates them!

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing supports brand growth and has the potential to engage millions of people. At the same time, there are a vast amount of conventions and pitfalls that brands are unaware of, and they fail repeatedly. We share insights on how to maximize influencer marketing performance and build long-term success for your brand.

The ultimate influencer-marketing strategy

  1. To approve the KPI of the promotion. It should comply with industry standards and be comparable with competitors' results. The understanding of the KPI is the first stage of future success.

  2. Provide research and explore the influencers that are highly regarded by your competitors. Analyze the formats of content to ensure the most successful and engaging ideas.

  3. To maximize performance, brands should diversify their influencer marketing strategy by launching different formats, including live streams, organic integrations, dedicated videos, webinars, web panels, promotional tweets, and tutorials.

  4. Attracting the attention of the audience from different geo-locations can help to increase campaign awareness and the results provided by influencer marketing.

  5. Create the plan for launching the complex campaigns that include different types of content: integration + webinar, integration + live stream + web panel + dedicated videos, and so on!

  6. Use comprehensive software such as HypeAuditor to analyze the influencer's audience, reach, engagement rate, and fraud activity.

  7. Discuss the content with each influencer and share ideas on improving the campaign, collecting feedback, and adjusting your strategy according to the influencer's vision and experience. Influencers understand their audience much more deeply.

  8. Engage the influencer's audience by organizing the giveaway with exclusive incentives.

  9. Send quality-made merch for influencers. They'll provide the content featuring your merchandise and help to increase brand trust.

  10. Review influencers' performance each sprint, figure out how to improve it, and provide additional feedback from the clients.

  11. Build transparent relationships based on trust and mutual respect. This approach helps to get the benefits from any campaign you launch with influencers.
OrangeBulbImg Conclusion

Influencer marketing can provide benefits for any company and produce incredible results that are not even close to comparable to other traffic sources. However, there are a lot of important aspects to consider when brands are planning an influencer marketing campaign.

Do everything to show your brand to the target audience, improve your marketing, and become the leading company dominating the market!