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Emre Murray


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New Local Region? Tips To Get Started

Successful projects are always seeking to scale business operations and increase the number of active users. Joining a new region is one of the most powerful ways to attract new clients and maximize revenue.

Products or solutions designed for international markets scale business by entering new markets with a vast audience. According to Wikipedia, more than 470 million people speak Spanish. Spanish is the second most used language after Chinese. Let's consider the best marketing strategies to get massive awareness for your brand in Spanish-speaking countries in 2022.


How to get started

The first step is the development of a product promotion strategy. Brands should take into account the local specifics of the target region. We recommend onboarding a native speaker who lives or has lived in the region your company plans to capture.

It is necessary to study the tactics used by main competitors and conduct research to identify insights on how to promote content in the target region.

Research of target audience and competitors

What do we mean by research?

It is the task of exploring information related to the behaviors of potential users — the people who'll use your product.

Why is it necessary to provide market (user/competitor) research?

Because no one on the team can position themselves as the client and know for certain how the product looks in the eyes of the client from the local region, competitor research is necessary.

This is due to the fact that the team knows more about their product than the potential user and simply cannot forget about this knowledge. Therefore, all conclusions and arguments are not subjective.

The only way to get unbiased information is to conduct proper research.

What are the main criteria?

- If the product does not yet have customers, then based on the primary data from the customer, select all possible segments that logically fit into the necessary criteria.

- Search the Internet for available information on how representatives of selected segments behave in relation to products similar to ours. For example, we read reviews on competitors, read forums, look at comments on articles, study competitors' social networks, what subscribers like / dislike, and look for the results of previous studies.

- Based on the information we collected from the points above, we put forward hypotheses regarding the various characteristics of the target segments (attitude towards the product, what is important for clients in the product, how they choose, what to fear, etc.)

- Draw up hypotheses in the form of a list of questions with ready-made answers and invite representatives of the target audience to take a survey. Alternatively, look for respondents for a voice interview. Respondents most often need remuneration for completing a survey of, on average, 5-10$ (depending on the length of the survey). For an interview, a more significant bonus may be necessary — we use a guideline of 50$.

- Based on the survey answers, we improve the hypotheses and take them as a basis to shape the positioning.

- Using this method, we find out much more accurately what the target audience needs, how they see the product, and how we should promote it.

How do we provide competitor research?

  • We study the target market and make a list of the most powerful competitors
  • Study positioning
  • We analyze the community of competitors on different platforms: compare quantitative indicators, promotion campaigns, and events
  • We analyze the activity of community managers and social media

What do we receive as a result?

  • We understand what the target audience really needs
  • We know what competitors offer to our target audience
  • We position ourselves using competitive advantages according to the criteria that are highly regarded by the target audience

What are the disadvantages of research?

  • Preparing proper qualitative research takes a lot of time
  • Additional costs to use the software, buy reports, provide interviews, etc.

What are the advantages of research based on our experience?

  • Increase revenue, conversions, sign-up rate, and LTV. The research helps to increase brand presence and awareness. This is the most critical part of the brand's long-term presence in the target region.

As you may have noticed, providing the research is a complex task, but it helps if brands to do the first steps and approve the profitable marketing direction, which can save budget and get loyal clients.

Product localization

Brands that join new local regions should localize their products to increase the client acquisition rate. Most users from foreign countries do not use English as their primary language. That's why it's crucial to provide users with the correct information regarding your product in their preferred language.

Сommunity building

After the localization of the product, it's time to create a strong brand community. Based on the specificity of your product and preferred region, the target community could aggregate on messenger apps or social media. Telegram & Facebook are the most popular messenger applications in Spanish-speaking countries, particularly in Latin America. Therefore, the next step is to set up the brand group, provide regular content, hire a community manager, and implement a community growth strategy.

The selection of chat admins is critical, and their work should not be underestimated. An intelligent admin will allow brands to achieve widespread user retention.

The content plan should be prepared in advance. The content should be published every day, including all product updates. Leading brands provide AMA sessions, engagement giveaways, and other incentives inside of the community.

In the next step, we onboard target users in the brand community through influencer marketing, digital marketing, and CPA marketing.

Influencer marketing is the most conventional type of marketing campaign for community building. Choose the influencers you want to advertise with very carefully. There are many software solutions on the market, like and We recommend analyzing each influencer to avoid fraud activity.

An effective advertising campaign should proceed for at least one month, with regular publications at least 10-15 per week on the brand's social media and 20+ publications provided by target influencers.

After successfully shaping a brand community, it's time to organize an offline brand event. Brand events increase the level of credibility. The most loyal community participants are perfectly fit to support the marketing growth in the region. Upon conclusion of these main points, readers will be equipped to address the challenge of discovering new local regions.

OrangeBulbImg Conclusion

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