Public Relations

PR Expertise

We're accomplished in breaking down what makes brands extraordinary and establishing a narrative to encourage sincere audience engagement, cultural reform, and to achieve business scale.

  • PR Strategy

    Uptrend will analyze your industry to discover your market fit and how it can serve people looking for your services. We carry out proven methodologies to characterize your brand, wow your customers, and drive the results you want.

  • Media Outreach

    We build an extensive distribution network to spread the word about your project. Our distribution network includes more than 6,000 media outlets from around the world.

  • Conferences

    Our PR services extend to identifying and securing speaking engagements at significant industry trade conferences. This also includes expert consultancy in the preparation of material and body language coaching.

  • Share your expert opinion

    Our relationships with journalists open up the media world to you. We deliver your company releases to specific outlets for optimal news coverage that targets your chosen audience.

  • Influencer marketing

    Influencer marketing is a fundamental aspect of building your standing in the community. Having run over 2,000 campaigns, we approach this in a manner that seamlessly integrates industry influencers into your business in the most organic way.

  • PR reporting

    Every aspect of our PR service is documented and tracked to generate reports containing meaningful data. We take the time to dissect the numbers and assess how to better each campaign's performance.

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