Growth marketing in local markets

Uptrend's growth strategies are proven in English-speaking countries and across Europe, Latin America, the Far East, and the rest of the world.

Uptrend is the final piece of your marketing puzzle

Partnering with Uptrend accesses a team of marketing experts that know their stuff and are committed to realizing your business goals.

  • Promotion in Asia

    Make an impact in the world's most populous continent. Utilize bold marketing strategies, including PR, social media, influencer marketing, and community.

  • Promotion in Europe

    We've conducted thousands of experiments with leading brands in Europe to get the inside scoop on what works in this region.

  • Promotion in American continent

    Our squad model approach provides a versatile growth marketing team that stays focused on your individual growth needs. Our strong retention rate demonstrates high levels of customer satisfaction.

  • Promotion in Australia and New Zealand

    68% of our clients from Australia and New Zealand doubled their revenue in the first 6 months. We accomplish this by using tailored strategies that target high intent leads for efficient conversion rates.

  • Promotion in Africa

    We initiate a compelling strategy that conveys your unique voice and harmonize that with your customers. As a highly diverse and developing region, Africa is receptive to marketing experiments. Uptrend is working with clients to establish best practices.

Keep up with the best practices in local growth marketing