Elevate your business with influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is critical in building your standing in the crypto community.

Comprehensive Influencer Marketing Strategy

  • Original Content And Focused Direction

    "Our approach focuses on managing trust relationships with our network of prominent influencers. As their trusted representative, we act as a mediator to ensure cooperation between all parties. This gives you the advantage when it comes to brand building over the long term.

    With Uptrend, we match appropriate influencers with your culture and message to achieve satisfactory outcomes for all."

  • Bringing Influencers On Board

    Over the years, we've built up a reliable network of over 12,000 trusted influencers, including some of the industry's biggest names. You'll work with vetted, high ROI content creators with huge sway in their respective fields.

  • Contract Fulfilment

    The DIY path to enrolling influencers is fraught with hassle. With Uptrend, we deal with the entire process, from initial recruitment such as price negotiations, contracts, and compliance. As well as in supporting deliverables including content guidance, campaign admin, and metrics reporting.

  • Campaign Delivery

    We keep on top of every campaign by tracking metrics and keeping in close communication with influencers. We encourage two-way feedback to collaborate in tweaking campaigns to keep audiences engaged and focused on your brand.

  • Detailed Reports

    Our reporting system provides performance metrics to identify the influencers who delivered the biggest impact. It's also sophisticated enough to analyze data on content type and social media channel, enabling a comprehensive performance breakdown.

Unleash The Power Of Influencers