Digital Marketing Audit

Digital audits evaluate customer behavior on your website or app. At Uptrend, we provide the full suite of digital audit services allowing you to gain insight into your audience's mindset.

We assess your goals and objectives and tie this in with the digital experience of your customers. This gives us a better understanding of pain points and areas of growth for your web and mobile experience.

What Makes Up A Comprehensive Digital Marketing Audit?

  • Marketing Consultancy

    Uptrend marketing consultants will work with you to develop winning strategies for success.

  • Marketing Audit

    We'll assess the situation and determine whether you are getting maximum returns on your marketing budget.

  • Website Audit

    We'll analyze your website for page performance, SEO, and design and report how to increase traffic performance.

  • Budget Allocation Audit

    We review your marketing budget and determine whether your market spend can yield better returns.

  • Find Your Marketing Team

    We are here to guide you throughout the process of hiring the right marketing team.

  • Digital Marketing Audit

    Our digital marketing audit service will thoroughly review your online presence, giving recommendations for improvement.

Step Up Your Digital Game

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