Build A Community Around Your Brand

Building communities is a powerful marketing strategy that centers around bringing people together. At Uptrend, we understand that this only comes organically by putting the customer first and instilling a sense of togetherness.

Comprehensive Brand Community Strategy

The primary principles of community building lie in the free flow of information, establishing a sense of belonging, and installing a sense of commonality.

  • Define your brand goal and metrics

    We evaluate your brand including clarifying your mission, vision, and company personality. We also ask probing questions such as, what you hope to achieve? What you want to be known for? All of which aid the process of finding your tribe.

  • Select a community platform

    Brand communities give valuable insights into your customers' thinking while also providing a captive audience for your business. Uptrend provides in-depth analytics on choosing the best platform for you based on your goals, products, and the latest industry trends.

  • Make community membership worthwhile

    Our client's community members feel part of a shared collective and that their voice is heard. This openness encouragse the free flow of thoughts and information, ultimately benefiting your business.

  • Work with the leading influencers to get the results you want

    A network of trusted influencers will differentiate your brand community from the competition and also attract new users. Targeted influencers are the building blocks for doing brand community the right way.

  • Community management

    Successful community management is about relationships and how your brand seizes opportunities to interact with your community. Uptrend helps you dial in on this by focusing on the key areas of listening, engagement, reputation, and feedback.

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